In partnership with MTQIP, your admitting hospital welcomes you as you share your treatment and long-term recovery experience.


We will ask about your functional recovery, the economic impact to you and your family, and pain and pain medication usage. All questions are solely for the purpose of understanding your recovery experience.


Understanding your recovery journey after you leave the hospital will help guide us in the future care of patients like you.


A team member will reach out at key points in your recovery to complete a short survey over the course of a year. You can also self enroll here.

MTQIP Survey - Self-enroll


The MTQIP surveys are designed to measure recovery that occurs after the patient leaves the hospital. Self-enroll now.


Surveys will be offered over the course of 1 year with the option to answer via phone, email, or text message.

Topic 1

Quality of Life Measures

Topic 2

Pain management and medication use

Topic 3

Economic burden of traumatic injuries

Topic 4

Impact of caregivers (family and friends)


Our Team

Janessa Monahan, MSW Research Specialist
Iman Mekled, MPH Research Assistant
Julia Kelm Research Assistant
John Scott, MD Assistant Professor, Acute Care Surgery
Mark Hemmila, MD Professor, Acute Care Surgery

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